Blind Lemon Blues pays homage to the influence of Blind Lemon Jefferson, who emerged in the 1920s as the biggest selling country blues singer in America. Set in New York City in 1948, Blind Lemon Blues combines elements of traditional blues, gospel, rhythm and blues, soul, doo-wop, and rap to evoke the enduring legacy of Blind Lemon and his contemporaries, Blind Willie Johnson, Lillian Glinn, Hattie Hudson, Bobbie Cadillac, Lillian Miller and Leadbelly.

cast and crew

Produced by The York Theater and Documentary Arts, Inc. in association with Central Track Productions, conceived and written by Alan Govenar and Akin Babatunde. Direction, musical staging, and choreography by Akin Babatunde. Musical arrangements by Akin Babatunde, Alisa Peoples Yarbrough, and Cavin Yarbrough. Starring: Akin Babatunde, Inga Ballard, Carmen Ruby Floyd, Timothy Parham, Alisa Peoples Yarbrough, and Cavin Yarbrough. Skip Krevens on guitar.